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Dave Gedris

Dave Gedris is a highly passionate and creative golf instructor in the Pittsburgh area.  Dave has served as a teaching professional at the Pine Creek Golf Center and was previously the Head Golf Professional at the
3 Lakes/ Alcoma Golf Club. 
Dave has also worked with the
for the last 5 years, serving local city children
ages 10-14 who otherwise have no access to
golf courses or golf instruction.
Dave is a classically trained musician and has been teaching private lessons since he was 18 years old.  Hundreds of young and adult musicians have worked with him achieving tremendous results.  The unique approach he adopted with music lessons has proven highly effective with golf instruction as well.

Double Eagle


24 Lessons and 24 Practice Sessions



12 Lessons and 12 Practice Sessions 



8 Lessons and 8 Practice Sessions



4 Lessons and 4 Practice Sessions   

Lessons are scheduled for 45 minutes and are followed by 15 minutes of guided practice. Sessions take place at Oakmont Golf Center, however, outdoor lessons and playing lessons are available.  All game improvement packages include free weekly practice sessions on either simulators, launch monitors, or putting green.  Free indoor practice sessions are limited to 30 minutes per week and will be scheduled in between lessons.  For maximum improvement, it is suggested to complete a practice session before returning for your next lesson. If the customer prefers, golf lessons may be extended over a time period of up to one year. 

Lesson plans are non-refundable.  

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45 Minute TrackMan® Lesson   $ 95
One Hour TrackMan® Combine  $120


‰    All golf lessons in an improvement plan are 45 minutes

‰    Golf lessons include TrackMan® 4 Radar Data, V1 video and BodiTrak pressure mapping

‰    30 minutes of weekly indoor practice included in package price

‰    Full swing, short game and putting instruction available


PGA Professional


Srixon Professional Staff Player


What's in My Bag?


Srixon Z 765

9 Degrees

Miyazaki Kaula 65 Shaft 

3 Wood

Srixon F 65 

​15 Degrees

Aerotech 75 F4 Shaft 

Irons 3-9

KZG Tour Evolution

Aerotech S95 shafts

Wedges: 48, 52, 56, 60

Cleveland RTX Raw

​KBS HiRev X Shafts



Super Stroke 2.0 Flatso



Srixon Z Star


Golf Pride MCC Align

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Now available for all golf lessons and fitting sessions

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One of the best golf instructors in Pittsburgh.  Dave's expertise and clear instruction helped me lower my handicap from a 12 to a 4 in six months!  I love the Trackman and the accurate shot data I can get.

Steven S.


Dave is a great teacher and will get your game in shape. Great facility to practice at, especially on Trackman. Great league play in the winter when it’s cold. Highly recommended!

​Nate S.


Dave Gedris is a fantastic golf instructor, fitter and overall master with golf clubs and accessories. He helped me enormously and I heartily recommend Dave for any golfer in need of expert advice with equipment or golf instruction.

Mark S.

Fitting Session:  Honest opinion, even though it was not what I was hoping to hear.

I appreciated the clear, straight answers I received about club specifications.

Can't find a fault with Dave Gedris. He is a wonderful instructor, person and owner of business with great customer service. A+


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