Messina / Miceli    def.   Campbell / Wood

Bonacci / Dorsey    def.    Gialloreto / Gialloreto

 10 week Season

January 8 through March 18, 2018

Registration fee: $80, then $10 per week

* Maximum of 64 players​ - limited space available


Match Play   (Low score wins hole, winner based on most holes won)

• Handicap system - For those without “formal” handicaps, initial handicaps will be adjusted as necessary.

• 3 Points per match: 1 pt. - A player; 1 pt. - B player; 1 pt. - team total

• Top teams based on total points will play for league championship

• Play for each week can be anytime from Monday through Sunday. If a team cannot play by the following week, they will forfeit that week.

• Each team is responsible for scheduling their own tee times. While it is exciting to play as a foursome with the opposing team, it is not required.

• Speed-up Play Rule: All players are required to “Hole Out” at double par. Max scores: par 3: 6, par 4: 8, par 5: 10

• League winners to receive $50 Gift Certificates • 2nd place to receive $25 Gift Certificates

9 Holes MUST be completed in 1 hour per twosome / 2 hours per foursome!

Players who are unable to comply may have to forfeit remaining holes after 1 hour.

                            605 Allegheny Avenue   Oakmont, Pennsylvania 15139        

            (412) 828-1580

Oakmont Golf Center

Pittsburgh's Premiere Indoor Golf Center


Winter League

playoffs begin

Monday, March 19

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